Devin Wu

學校:Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
科系:Aerospace Engineering


Former Penn Stater, majoring in aerospace engineering. Before college, I was at Song Shan Senior High.
My near future plan is to earn a master’s degree in Aerospace before entering the work field.


United States has one of the most advanced aerospace technology, especially in the private sector.
Thus, I recognized that it makes sense for me to pursue the degree there.

當初怎麼會選擇 Bear 作為你的代辦呢?

I met Tony at the institute where I prepared for my SAT test. He is really nice and thoughtful, and he made my application process just that much easier.
That’s why I went back to him when I was applying for grad school.


Definitely. Not only is he the nicest, he is also incredibly resourceful.
He knows his stuff like the back of his hand, plus his personal experience abroad makes him able to help me with things other than just school-related matters.
He does not intimidate you with boatloads of information. Instead, he breaks them down to bite size pieces which helps you with understanding the situation, and making decisions.


Absolutely. Very soon I will be attending Georgia Tech for their Aerospace Engineering grad program all thanks to Tony.
Georgia Tech aerospace grad program ranks one of the best within the States and around the world.


As an agent, Tony checked every box possible. He provides top-notch services for his customers. As a friend, HE IS SOLID.
Also, because of his experiences, he has tons of interesting stories to tell, which makes chatting with him an absolute blast.
I can not thank him enough. Nothing but praise, my dude, NOTHING. BUT. PRAISE.


I just graduated from college earning a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. Next step is to join the Georgia tech aerospace graduate program,
and focus my studies in guidance, navigation, and control of spacecraft.
My ultimate goal is to work in the field, thus, I am still considering the necessity of earning a Ph.D. degree.


I’ve always find this subject matter intriguing. One particular experience I find most precious is when I joined the Student Space Program Lab of Penn State University.
I was able to work on this huge project that sent a cube satellite up to the International Space Station which is pretty awesome.


Since state college is a tiny college town, the one question that bothered me daily throughout the years was ‘what to eat for lunch/dinner’.
No joke, it gets repetitive after a while. It definitely helps to know someone with a car to drive you around if you do not own a car.

你喜歡你現在這個城市嗎? 推薦我們一些好玩的景點吧!

Despite what I said above, state college is a lovely town with laid back people.
A lot of professors I know were actually teaching at other well-known institutes, and they decided to teach at Penn State until they retire just after one visit because the environment is just that good.


ALWAYS check your prospective professors on ratemyprofessors.com, it can save you quite a bit of trouble if you know what you are expecting beforehand.


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