Not an ordinary agency, Quantity is not Quality!

BEAR help students to admit into TOP-500 universities world-wide!

At BEAR, we understand that renowned institutions look for 3 priority numbers (GPA, TOEFL/IELTS, SAT/ACT/GRE/GMAT) and written submissions (SOP, CV, LOR). We will assist students in planning and editing their statement of purpose, cover letter and highly craft their resume to the best selling point. Ultimately, BEAR students will stand out in the crowd of applicants. Each education consultant from BEAR accepts only 20 students yearly, allowing us to serve you with top quality service and specially tailored portfolios, helping you achieve your dream abroad.

At BEAR, students are not simply a profile, as our team truly wishes for our students to be successful. At BEAR, we know each student applicant’s name, interests, passion, and skills. Naturally, this also means if we see that studying abroad may not be student’s best option, we will not hesitate to communicate that with the students.


At BEAR , we will customize student applications based on their interests and skills. Forced recommendation will not exist, instead we will provide our experience and suggestions, allowing the student to make the ultimate decision.


When it comes to choosing future institution for our students, we will provide students with the most sincere suggestions and advices.

Representing 800+ schools worldwide.
Each consultant will only take max 20 students a year.
Unlimited visits and appointments using the method you want.
Our Locations
Taipei Office


No. 41, Zhongxiao West Road Section 1, Suite 1011
Taipei City, Taiwan ROC (Postal Code: 100-009)

Monday ~ Saturday : 10:00 am~7:00 pm

Taoyuan Office


7F, No. 134, Zhongshan Road, Zhongli District
Taoyuan City, Taiwan ROC (Postal Code: 320-676)

Monday ~ Saturday : 10:00 am~7:00 pm

Taichung Office


10F, No. 9, Lane 155, Gongyi Road, West District
Taichung City, Taiwan ROC (Postal Code: 403-024)

Monday ~ Friday: 10:00 am ~ 7:00 pm

Kaohsiung Office


10F-3, No.534, Boai 1st Road, Gushan District
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan ROC (Postal Code: 804-057)

Monday ~ Friday : 10:00 am~7:00 pm

Bear Education is a registered study abroad company in Taiwan ROC
approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and regulated by the Ministry of Education.

Bear Education is also a member of these accredited organizations above.

Becoming a partner with Bear Education
Become a partner with Bear Education

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